13 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couples in Christmas

Receiving news about the closest people, whether it’s friends or relatives getting married, of course we feel happy too, yes. They want to add to their happiness by giving the best wedding gifts that are useful for their lives as newlyweds. Wow, what kind of gift is right?

  1. Honeymoon ticket

Wow, who doesn’t like receiving this gift? For new couples, getting free honeymoon tickets can be their first step to save money after going all out on wedding costs. However, this gift is not cheap. As a solution, you can propose this idea to other friends or relatives, then invite them to joint venture. Smart, right, the idea?

  • Photo album

If you want to give a gift that can be remembered for a long time, then a photo album is the answer. You, as the closest person, must know more or less what special moments are for friends or relatives with their partners. Well, you can collect photos from that special moment and print them in the form of a photo album. Make the photo so that it can be displayed as a decoration in his house later.

  • Couple items

For newlyweds, romance is an atmosphere that must be created every day. To help them, you can give couple or couple items to add romantic spices. The selection of gifts can be nightgown, cups, toothbrushes, towels, and a similar garments. You can likewise make hand crafted things by adding the names of the recently hitched couple and their wedding date.. Definitely more effective!

  • Shopping vouchers

Indeed, if the person who is hitched is your companion or sister, a gift shopping voucher is ideally suited for her. The voucher truly helped her on the first day of being someone’s wife. He can spend various household needs with these shopping vouchers. To buy shopping vouchers is now very easy. You can buy it at your favorite e-commerce. Shopping during the Christmas season is very tiring, especially shopping directly at the store. So, one way is to shop online with what we want to buy, now Christmas gifts ideas hongkong are here to help your shopping process

  • Hampers filled with personal care items

You can also give hampers that contain personal care items, be it soap, shampoo, perfume, to skincare products. There are several shops that provide hampers like this package and it is wrapped in an attractive box. No hassle and the price can be adjusted according to the ability of your pocket. Most importantly, items like this will definitely be used. Just make sure if your friend or relative has a particular brand or scent preference.

  • Cooking utensils

After marriage, domestic life began. Husband and wife carry out their respective duties. Cooking is one of the activities that are usually done by those who are married. Well, a set of cooking utensils can be the perfect wedding gift that you can give. If your budget is big enough, you can buy a slightly more expensive and good quality one.

  • Tableware

Another useful gift idea is tableware. A set of unique and cute tableware can make this newlywed dinner even more fun. You can also choose cups with cute motifs so that their coffee brewing activities are warmer and more intimate.

  • Microwave

Newlyweds will usually pay for household furniture. Microwave is one of the most recently purchased electronic devices, because the price is not cheap. Well, if you gift your friend or relative with a microwave, well, surely he will be very happy with your gift.

  • Coffee brewing machine

In addition to the microwave, another electronic device that newlyweds look forward to is a coffee brewer, especially if you know the couple really likes to drink coffee. Wine is also another alternative way for couples who don’t like coffee, as a Christmas gift ideas hongkong, wine is highly recommended to be drunk together. Currently there are many choices of coffee brewers, just make sure it fits your budget, OK?

  • Cleaning tools

If you don’t live at your in-laws’ house, the newlyweds usually already have a new place to live. As a new house, you definitely need cleaning tools, such as a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, and so on. You can give these tools as wedding gifts. Very helpful!

  • Sheets and bed covers

None other than, the bed is a favorite place for newlyweds. Right? For that, the sheets complete with the bed cover are the best wedding gifts that you can give to your friends or relatives. Regarding comfort, you can choose from soft but still warm materials. And about color, it’s better if you choose a neutral color, such as white, cream, or light blue.